What is English Country Dancing?


If you have watched film and TV versions of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Becoming Jane, you have seen brief samples of English Country Dance. If you would like to view other, more representative examples, click on the ECD LINKS tab at the top of this page.

For thousands of Americans of all ages, English Country Dancing (ECD) is a thriving activity which they enjoy regularly; not something from another era. ECD is currently being done in more than 103 cities around the US. More than a thousand new dances have been choreographed during the past 30 years. You can click on the DANCE LIST tab to see the variety of styles, tempos, and ages of the dances in our Boise group’s repertoire.

For many, the attraction is the music — exquisite, hauntingly beautiful tunes. Each dance uses its own unique tune. Others love ECD because it is a very social form of dancing — where you interact not just with a partner, but also engage with a group or set of dancers.

Its mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic patterns that weave through each dance offer both energizing activity and mental stimulation. Most important of all, it is lots of fun! Since partners are not required, you can come by yourself and be assured of dancing throughout the evening.


What makes English country dancing special or unique?

  • The beauty of the music;
  • the intimate relationship of the music to the dance;
  • the experiencing of artistic vision as a participant;
  • the accessibility of fine art to almost everyone;
  • the social interaction among individuals;
  • the creation of community;
  • the connection with the past,
  • the continuing evolution of the genre.

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