ECD Links

Watch some outstanding YouTube videos of English Country Dancing:

  • 20 Years Waltz: HERE
  • A Mover and Shaker: HERE
  • Banish Misfortune: HERE
  • Birds of a Feather: HERE
  • Dance of the Lakes: HERE
  • Dargason: HERE
  • Easter Thursday: HERE
  • Elizabeth’s Triad: HERE
  • The Fandango: HERE
  • Farnicle Huggy: HERE
  • February Flower: HERE
  • Gathering Peascods: HERE
  • Jack’s Maggot: HERE
  • Joy After Sorrow: HERE
  • Kelsterne Gardens: HERE
  • The Koepoort Galliard: HERE
  • Laurelhurst: HERE
  • Lull Me Beyond Thee: HERE
  • Newcastle: HERE
  • Picking Up Sticks: HERE
  • Roses Among the Thorns: HERE
  • Saturday Triad: HERE
  • The Wood Duck: HERE
  • Zither Man: HERE

In addition to the above YouTube links, an excellent resource on the web for viewing English Country Dancing is in the Dance Video Archives prepared by Bob Green and hosted on the pages of the Childgrove Country Dancers in St. Louis. This amazing resource is located: HERE

The most comprehensive index of YouTube videos of English Country Dances has been assembled by The Lambertville Country Dancers, and is posted on their website: HERE

You will find an excellent article on dance terminology, set formations, and common figures applicable to English Country Dancing at the Heather and Rose web pages: HERE

Occasionally people looking for English Country Dance venues search for local groups using the term “Regency Dance”, or “Regency Dancing”. An interesting article on how the dancing depicted in the various films of Jane Austen’s novels was not authentic to the Regency era may be found HERE

What Did Jane Austen Dance? A scholarly article on this subject may be found HERE

Would you like to view photos of English Country Dance formal balls, visit HERE

A directory of English Country Dance Locations in the US is found HERE

Colin Hume is a very popular English Country Dance caller, dance choreographer, music composer, and dance workshop instructor, who lives in Hertfordshire, England. Colin’s web site is a treasure trove of interesting and useful information, very much worth exploring HERE


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